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Vickie Jo

Public Speaker, Author

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Award-winning Mental Health Advocate

Vickie Jo is not a licensed professional. She speaks only of her real lived experiences and gut wrenching truths that enhances textbook knowledge.

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Vickie Jo/Guest

Many fear the possible results of asking for help, such as psychiatric abuse, misdiagnosis or homelessness.

Myths and social stigmas that are commonly known need to be dispelled.

Lakeland Mental Health Center

Vickie Jo came to share her mental health experience. It highlighted many ways that behavioral health needs to be reformed to assist individuals better. Vickie Jo’s testimony is so moving. She has shown much resilience in her life. We were glad to have her speak to our organization and hope that numerous other organizations will have the fortune to listen to her Tears, Trials and Triumphs.
Del Nasri
-Supervisor Mobile Mental Health Crisis Response

Speaking Engagement Topics

 Virtual or In Person

All topics are directly from her book 

Tears, Trials, and Triumphs

How I Survived With the Wrong Diagnosis

Listen to how Vickie Jo was treated while being on a psychiatric roller coaster and her healing process

  • Diving Accident
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Psychiatric Hospital Experiences
  • Recovering from
  • Psychiatric Hospital Stays

Consequences could be severe if the correct signs or symptoms are not identified.  A person in time of need may be placed in the wrong living conditions.

Why to be More Cautious When Deciding Mental Health Living Conditions

Hear Vickie Jo’s story of living through a court-ordered mental health commitment and her experience living in adult foster care and how she escaped.

  • Inadequate Staff Training 
  • Negligence
  • Not What I Expected
  • Award for Self-Advocating

Being Mentally Well Most of the Time

Vickie Jo explains each of the steps she utilizes to aid her in her mental well being and a plan to help prevent a mental health crisis.

  • 12 steps to stay mentally well most of the time
  • Plan of Action with an educated team
  • Psychiatric hospital experiences
  • Medications and diagnose

Speaking Testimonials

Fergus Falls Fire Department

Thank you for sharing your story with us and providing actionable information. It helped add perspective for us in remembering we all have a story. 
Ryan Muchow
-Fire Chief
A Place To Belong

Vickie Jo's presentation was wonderful! I learned about so many resources
that are available to us. Getting to hear her story really helped me understand what it's like to live with a mental illness.        
Paige Carlson
-Executive Director 
A Place To Belong
Fergus Falls Police Department
Mental Health Crises with Polices Officers

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Not having a clear idea of what someone is struggling with can make a situation worse.

The lack of knowledge about mental health is alarming. As a result many are being ignored or treated inhumanely
Vickie Jo reveals her experience with social stigmas, myths and misconceptions that are widely held and need to be dispelled.

Tears, Trials, and Triumphs
by Vickie jo

Imagine being trapped inside your own body with a chemically-induced brain, finding little ways to escape your thought process, but never enough to be totally free.

My Sanity Quest is the story of how one woman realized she’s not the lie, the abuse, or a mental illness. She’s learned to separate herself from those labels because she knows it’s not her true identity- it’s what happened to her.

Book Reviews

I found Vickie Jo’s book, My Sanity Quest, to be a raw, spell binding account of a young woman’s life experiences. It was so fascinating, I couldn’t put it down. There were times I cried, felt relieved, and always looked forward to what challenge she would be faced with next. Her story will enlighten those who struggle with their own mental health issues, and more importantly, those who have no idea what it is like to be judged and treated as though they are less than and have their dignity stripped as they try to reach out for help! I highly recommend reading this woman’s life journey.
You have done a wonderful job of presenting your experiences in life with all the ups and downs and the interactions with those involved whether family, friends, medical staff, law enforcement, or social services while dealing with the confusion of bipolar. I'm sure those that read your book will seek out your other works that are available through your website now or in the future. Keep up the good work.
Dale O. Tjaden
This is a very amazing story about a woman who has struggled with mental illness and is willing to share her story. It help me to understand what it must be like from her perspective and I believe it will help many others as well. It is very well written.
Claryce I.

About Vickie Jo

Vickie Jo portatif-my sanity quest

 Vickie Jo is a creative and resourceful woman who has been successful, despite the trauma she endured. She not only advocates for herself, but helps protect the rights of others.

  She has experienced and recovered from rape, sodomy, psychiatric hospitals, and homelessness. She has witnessed attempted murders, been misdiagnosed with a mental illness, and has been stigmatized.

  Vickie Jo speaks with raw courage and honesty about her experiences, in hopes that others will heal. She has acquired the necessary skills and experience to be an effective public speaker.’The Stage Has Been Set.’ She has the writing ability to prepare speeches and over 20 years performing music. That would grace any speaking opportunity!


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